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Answer for the clue "Message on the line ", 9 letters:

Alternative clues for the word voicemail

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n. (alternative spelling of voice mail English)

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Voicemail was an online television show that can be seen through the Full Episode Player . Each short webisode features Mike, played by Ezra Godden , with his voicemail messages played in the background. As each message plays they help explain Mike's ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
also (and originally) voice mail , by 1982; see voice (n.), mail (n.1).

Usage examples of voicemail.

The Gee-Three would accept voice, flat video, page, and priority page signals in real time, and store voicemail, 3-D video, fax, and hypermedia for playback on a base station.

The white screen shifted, displayed voicemail codes, and she lifted the handset to hear the words.

Anita was gone for the evening, and the switchboard routed everything to voicemail after 5:00, but the light that was flashing was for her private line.

Deciding to set her voicemail in future, I finally got to bed just before one, having first locked the rewritten papers safely inside my briefcase.

The former reported that Greene was off net, and volunteered to forward a voicemail message when he reactivated his service.

Still in a telephonic mood, I drew various blanks, machines and more voicemails, then got through to Uncle Freddy.