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Etymology 1 vb. to make wine from fruit Etymology 2 n. a Russian card game similar to bridge and whist

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Vint is a short play by David Mamet , adapted from a short story by Anton Chekhov . The play was commissioned by The Acting Company and, along with six other commissioned plays, presented in 1986 as Orchards .

Usage examples of vint.

Vint stood back and watched three men smoothly drawing the deadly arms of the first ballista into position.

Crocker, Postel, Wingfield, Vint and Sigrid Cerf, and a handful of curiosity seekers.

The following people allowed us to interview them at length: Wes Clark, Vint Cerf, Bob Kahn, Severo Ornstein, Bob Taylor, Larry Roberts, Jon Postel, Frank Heart, Alex McKenzie, Dave Walden, Ben Barker, Donald Davies, Paul Baran, Len Kleinrock, Steve Lukasik, Steve Crocker, and Bob Metcalfe.

Saint Collidor ou Colledoc etait eveque de Cambrie, quand il vint du pays de Galles en Armorique.

During the war, Vint Hill played a pivotal role in eavesdropping on enemy communications for thousands of miles in all directions.

Vint Hill Farms Station eavesdropped on those diplomatic facilities that used their own high-frequency equipment to communicate.

The fact that he had read my piece on Vint (not a hack job, because I don't write hack pieces, but it certainly wasn't one of my best articles--Vint's work simply hadn't been good enough for a serious in-depth treatment) could be a hindrance to me.

After being the honor graduate of Phase II of the course, at Vint Hill Farms, he was sent to work at Headquarters, U.

After be-ing the honor graduate of Phase II of the course, at Vint Hill Farms, he was sent to work at Headquarters, U.

The hills, behind, too—Throrkan took just enough grapes for his own use, to slump about in drunken grumbling day after day, but there was enough there for proper vinting, and wine to sell downriver.

Vints, insects, tiny, sand-colored, covered them: On the same rinds, taking and eating Vints, were two small cell spiders.