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Windmill is an indie pop band led by London-based musician Matthew Thomas Dillon. Windmill have released 3 full length albums: 2007's Puddle City Racing Lights , 2009's Epcot Starfields , ''Above Duffle Farm ''and ''Black Is Beautiful ''in 2013 and Wanderlust ...

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n. A machine which translates linear motion of wind to rotational motion by means of adjustable vanes called sails. vb. 1 (context transitive intransitive English) To rotate (itself) with a sweeping motion. 2 (context intransitive English) Of a rotating ...

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Windmill \Wind"mill`\, n. A mill operated by the power of the wind, usually by the action of the wind upon oblique vanes or sails which radiate from a horizontal shaft. --Chaucer.

Usage examples of windmill.

He could see windmills working, and he could even see an artesian well blowing water straight up into the air.

He could see fields of good alfalfa hay, all irrigated by the water flowing from the artesian wells and pumped by the windmills.

We have six free-flowing artesian wells on the place and twenty windmills.

And whenever he came he made it a point to drop in, usually at the windmill shop first, and then upon Babbie at the house.

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A visit in May to the Italian cantatrice separated from her husband, would render the maiden an accomplished flinger of caps over the windmills.

Cyrus Harding could have utilized the second fall which flowed into the Mercy to establish his motive power, the first being already occupied with moving the felting mill, but, after some consultation, it was decided that a simple windmill should be built on Prospect Heights.

Corvallis would lie in ruins, its hoarded libraries, its fragile industry, its windmills and flickering electric lights, all vanished forever into the lowering dark age.

He was, however, so in the habit of fighting windmills and making mountains of molehills that he could not at first glance see any sudden presentment with a normal vision.

Bristling windmill palms thrived with California laurels and black myrobalan plums.

Norfolk has its windmills, Kent has its oast houses, and we have rhubarb sheds.

Windmill Hill Cavern, is a well-known ossiferous cave situated near Brixham, on the brow of a hill composed of Devonian limestone.

I drew up to our old windmill, the Widow Steavens came out to meet me.

If he took the road to Weesp and then south to Nederhorst he would go through the town and leave the car well before the windmill.

When it settled she began to glide-run towards it, whooping exuberantly, arms windmilling for balance.