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Answer for the clue "Insignificant bit ", 4 letters:

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n. a tiny or scarcely detectable amount [syn: shred , scintilla , iota , tittle , smidgen , smidgeon , smidgin , smidge ]

Usage examples of whit.

Had this not been the case the escape of the two would have been a feat of little moment, since Meriem was scarcely a whit less agile than Korak, and fully as much at home in the trees as he.

On Whit Sunday Righelini came to tell me that the English ambassador had made all arrangements with the pretended procurer of M.

Rimmer Dall could give you the Sword and never have to worry one whit.

They are not one whit disaccommodated by the fact the sun they follow with such effort is a false one.

We have Murder Most Foul: to whit, Mr Dumpty, Boy Blue, Madame Goose, Wibbly, Jack Spratt and now Tommy Tucker.

He briefly wondered if Toret or Sapphire would give a whit about the possibility of a five-hundred-year-old epistolary journal written by a nameless soldier in a mythical war.

But it wyll also prooue no whit displeasant, if with a lyttle patience, they restraine to glutte themselues with the walowish sweetnes of deceyueable delightes, and trye the taste of a contrarye vyand.

Richard, he appeared in no whit cast down by his bankrupt and bedless state.

You may assure yourselves that, for my part, I doubt no whit but that all this tyrannical, proud, and brainsick invasion and occupation of my beloved England will yet prove the beginning, though not the end, of the ruin of that kingdom which, most treacherously, even in the midst of treating peace, began this wrongful war.

England this school had a great currency, and the madrigals of the British writers of the seventeenth century are every whit as free and melodious as the best of those of the Italian school.

They got into the car pretty much not caring for the nonce a whit about Zombies.

Since in these I have got the start, and outgone others, neither in gifts shall I be anny whit behind them.

Hiltsglen stared down at her, and though his lips no longer quirked upward the slightest whit, she realized he was smiling, in his own barbaric way.

Even so, will it not be a shame, that all others sall be stirred up, and ye not a whit stirred up in this day more than if there were not such a thing?

Yet, with not a whit less of worshipfulness and consecration, there grew in him a repugnance to the sectarianism of the Churches which put him somewhat out of sympathy with their formal organizations.