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Answer for the clue "In consequence of which ", 7 letters:

Alternative clues for the word whereat

Word definitions for whereat in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
conj. 1 at which, or toward which 2 because of which; whereupon

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
mid-13c., from where + at .

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adv. in consequence of which; "this is a statement whereat the listeners may get angry" [syn: whereupon ] at or toward which; "we were at a party whereat there was lots of dancing"

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Whereat \Where*at"\, adv. At which; upon which; whereupon; -- used relatively. They vote; whereat his speech he thus renews. --Milton. Whereat he was no less angry and ashamed than desirous to obey Zelmane. --Sir P. Sidney. At what; -- used interrogatively; ...

Usage examples of whereat.

But, as she spoke, a black-jowled fellow laughed, And, spitting, tripped her with out-thrust pike-shaft, That down she fell and wailed most piteously, Whereat the brawny fellows laughed all three.

That Henry Clay and John Calhoun should be hung, whereat Boone Markland roared louder than ever.

Poliphilus entring a little waye in at the described porch, with great delight he there also beheld how it was garnished and adorned, and after as he was comming out he met with a monstruous dragon whereat he was extreemlie afraide, and compelled to runne backe into the building, and at last getting foorth with much adoe hee came into a fertile place.

Whereat his wife taking present audacity, and reproving his sayings, with a cursed minde did deny it.

Thus casting my eyes with a diligent regarde about the plaine, to finde some Fountaine whereat I might refresh my selfe: a pleasant spring or head of water, did offer it selfe vnto me, with a great vayne boyling vp, about the which did growe diuers sweet hearbes and water flowers, and from the same did flowe a cleare and chrystalline current streame, which deuided into diuers branches, ran thorow the desart wood, with a turning and winding body, receyuing into it other little channels, vnlading themselues.

In the end, it was part of the game that Sidney should tumble down upon Dyke, whereat he invariably vented a great bellow as if in pain, declaring that his ribs were broken.

I heard all this the next day from the Marquis Capponi, who said that someone had asked him if he knew me, whereat he answered that when I left Venice he was at college, but that he had often heard his father speak of me in very high terms.

It was very long, made up of rites which however gorgeous, to me were but mummeries, ending in a kind of sacramental feast whereat all of us from Pharaoh down, must touch with our lips a broth compounded from the flesh of the dead Apis, the smell of which broth--for taste it I did not--revolted me.

The conversation turning on Voltaire, the Ecossaise was mentioned, and the acting of my neighbour was highly commended in words that made her blush and shine in her beauty like a star, whereat her praises were renewed.

I was telling Neddy about a Tangier concert whereat he introduced his cardiac arrest hoedown number.

Christian blode, lorde Materna cam that autumn to Danczk for to wreak al manner of fiercenesse, and eke to hank Claus Bartusch by the neck, at which tyme he set vp his passyng styffe peter for a gallows, whereat wondyrment was of alle the robboures and marchants.

But the successe and manner of my comming being demaunded of them, the Nymphes plainly, open and manifest the same at large, whereat the gratious Queene beeing mooued to compassion, caused me to stand vp, and vnderstanding what my name was, began to say.

Lord waxed very pale, and spake not, but looked at that man of his who stood by Bull with a great sword in his fist, and lifted up his hand twice, and let it fall twice, whereat that man stepped back one pace, and swung his sword, and smote Bull, and clave his skull.

In retiring being in the midst of a low quagmire, and minding them more than my steps, I stept fast into the quagmire, and also the Indian in drawing me forth: thus surprised, I resolved to trie their mercies, my armes I caste from me, till which none durst approch me: being ceazed on me, they drew me out and led me to the King, I presented him with a compasse diall, describing by my best meanes the use thereof, whereat he so amazedly admired, as he suffered me to proceed in a discourse of the roundnes of the earth, the course of the sunne, moone, starres and plannets, with kinde speeches and bread he requited me, conducting me where the canow lay and John Robinson slaine, with 20 or 30 arrowes in him.

Querini asked how she had known him, and she replied that she had often seen him at Divine service, whereat the devotee seemed greatly flattered.