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Waltz , as a surname , may refer to: People : Christoph Waltz (born 1956), Academy Award-winning Austrian actor David Waltz (1943–2012), American computer scientist and professor Gustavus Waltz , (fl. 1732-1759) English opera singer Ian Waltz (born 1977), ...

Usage examples of waltz.

Tasker Road, Sheffield, when he got the idea of performing the song as a waltz, full-blown, anthemic, a celebration of sixties ideas of communalism, peace and smoking dope.

Stifling a humph, he drew her a fraction closer--and set his mind to enjoying the rest of the waltz.

The sea monody melted in its turn into the waltz strains rippling from the piano standing in the old drawing-room at Kensington, and Bob pulled his wits together just in time to save himself from falling into the unconsciousness which had already mercifully enwrapped the old man.

She waltzed Palmyre around the kitchen floor until they were both giggling and out of breath.

Slowly, as the Admiral Stoloff continued braking to orbital speed, the lights enlarged and resolved into the familiar oblates, spheres, and polyhedra of Confederation Navy Base Gagarin, moving slowly in their ponderous, stately waltz.

The orchestra was playing its preshow selections, a medley of waltzes and popular tunes.

The band arrived, and began playinga bizarre mixture of American soft rock and schmaltzy Bavarian waltzes.

I am not up to waltzing or any of the newfangled round dances, but give me a Highland schottische, or a square dance, when there is an inventive genius to call off the figures and prescribe plenty of variety.

One of the reasons she had retreated from the dance floor was that she had felt her partners were pushing her around like a broom rather than leading her through schottisches and waltzes.

Naturally, therefore, this is where the colon and semicolon waltz in together, to a big cheer from all the writers in the audience.

Atomium sphere -- not surprising, there must be thirty people milling around up here, not counting the waitrons -- and several local multicast channels are playing a variety of styles of music to synchronize the mood swings of the revelers to hardcore techno, waltz, raga.

There you are, woozy from presurgical relaxers, and a perfect stranger waltzes up, announces that he is your anesthesiologist, asks you a few questions, and shoots you up!

Susannah Ballister for months, not since his brother had elected to marry Harriet Snowe instead of the dark beauty currently waltzing in his arms.

That famous dance the waltz requires music that is 3 beats to the bar.

Hoisting Engines, Chiropody, Loans, Pulleys, Boas Renovated, Waltz Guaranteed in Five Lessons, or Artificial Limbs.