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Answer for the clue "Skype device ", 6 letters:

Alternative clues for the word webcam

Usage examples of webcam.

He slotted a new tape into the video camera, set the webcam running again and headed for the door.

Ignoring the prompt to access the incoming mail box, Tony clicked on the webcam link.

Tony clicked another button, hoping it might provide some indication of where the webcam feed was coming from.

She was sitting cross-legged on her bed in the room where she had been murdered, looking up at the webcam in the corner of the ceiling, dressed in jeans and an oversized white shirt, the sleeves rolled up on her pale arms.

The corridors are wallpapered with an exquisitely disgusting floral print and the whole place smells of mothballs, the only symptom of the twenty-first century being a cheap and nasty webcam on the hall staircase.

Not only had Lo-Tec missed the scrap of porcelain, but she had scooped him in the webcam business, and moreover, he had missed this hidden button.

Here was the man in the pictures we had found on the webcam, the man both Deb and I had thought might very well be me.

Amber sighs and looks, for the sixth time this hour, at the webcam plastered on the side of her cabin.

I spent the better part of the last four years finding and geolocating every Internet hub and router and every webcam in existence around the world.

Fairylights were strung across the ceiling and tiny webcams clung to two corners, like eyeballs stuck on inverted pyramids.

I had talked up the computers and the webcams to McArdle because I had wanted to annoy Varnom, but I knew that they were important.

They recruit good-looking kids, set them up in an apartment wired up with webcams, and pay them a wage to wander around naked and give regular sex shows.

The webcams were still up in the corners of the ceiling, on either side of the door.

The emails prove that the killing was staged for the benefit of the webcams Sophie Booth had set up.

I thought of the two of them in the crossfire gaze of the webcams, daring each other on like naughty children.