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Population (2000): 5102 Housing Units (2000): 2643 Land area (2000): 1271.277458 sq. miles (3292.593360 sq. km) Water area (2000): 19.344436 sq. miles (50.101856 sq. km) Total area (2000): 1290.621894 sq. miles (3342.695216 sq. km) Located within: North ...

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Wells Crater is an impact crater in the Eridania quadrangle on Mars at 60.2°S and 237.9°W, and it is 103.0 km in diameter. Its name was approved in 1973 by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (WGPSN), ...

Usage examples of wells.

Usually the wretches condemned to The Wells are imprisoned there for life, and there have been prisoners who have attained a great age.

A villain who died whilst I was under the Leads had passed thirty-seven years in The Wells, and he was forty-four when sentenced.

I dressed to go to the Wells, and warned my host and hostess that I should have the pleasure of dining with them.

The Wells are a mere pretext for gaming, intriguing, and fortune-hunting.

I stopped an hour at the Wells, where I made the acquaintance of the Pretender to the throne of Great Britain, and from there went on to Leghorn, where I found Count Orloff still waiting, but only because contrary winds kept him from sailing.

He is planning a system of pumps to fill the cistern from the wells during droughts, with distribution from the cistern to all the houses, soon as pipes and pumps can be had from Earth.

Homer Wells would be toothlessly biting his lip, perhaps grimacing, but not protesting that he was unfed and unattended.

Homer Wells is waking up Three Mile Falls, that family you let have him must be burning that boy with their cigarettes.

It was therefore all the more remarkable that the whole town heard the kind of crying Homer Wells made.

Nurse Angela and Nurse Edna about a year before Homer Wells stopped waking up with a scream or letting out a wail whenever someone crossed his field of vision, or whenever he heard a human sound, even a chair being dragged across the floor, or even a bed creak, a window shut, a door open.

Nurse Edna and poor Nurse Angela were probably more permanently scarred by the family from Three Mile Falls than Homer Wells was, and the good and the great St.

Some contradiction in the Draper family occurred to Homer Wells for the first time at Thanksgiving.

Like most orphans, Homer Wells imagined that he saw his missing parents often, but he was always unrecognized by them.

Nurse Angela finally got the door open and seized Homer Wells in her arms.

Larch knew that a fourth foster family for Homer Wells would not be easy to find.