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Answer for the clue "Show people to seats, informally ", 3 letters:

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vb. (context colloquial rare transitive and intransitive English) To usher: to perform the action of an usher: to escort.

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USH may refer to: Universal Studios Hollywood , the movie studio and theme park in Los Angeles, California Ushuaia – Malvinas Argentinas International Airport , in Ushuaia, Argentina (IATA airport code)

Usage examples of ush.

Leading the way Ush Karuza, looking smug and supporting Putzy, who was singing something about somebody called Adeline.

As the stands waited silently to see what this new move might portend, Ush Karuza switched it on.

My memory ishn’t what it ushed to be, that’sh the problem, he thought.

It seemed twenty degrees colder than it had been at dusk, and the north wind rattled tree limbs and dead leaves andp ushed dark shapes across the lawn.