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Answer for the clue "Noun suffixes ", 4 letters:

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Ings is an old word of Norse origin referring to water meadows and marshes , including those that were part of the Humber flood plain. The term appears in place names in Yorkshire (such as Fairburn Ings RSPB reserve , Derwent Ings , Sutton Ings , Acaster ...

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n. (plural of ing English)

Usage examples of ings.

Most travelers catch rides on trucks-a three-day journey-if they have reason to go to what is actually a picturesque small city of narrow streets, falling-down build- ings, markets-and mosques.

The beam seemed to dance out from beneath him, but Alan was close enough to fling himself forward and grab onto one of the lash- ings that stood out from the nearest craft, the jolly-boat.

Lewrie looked down and saw his trousers, waistcoat and fac- ings blotched black in the gloom with dried blood as if he had been wallowing in an abbatoir.

Once out of sight of the house he would peel off his stock- ings and shoes and undo the knee bucldes and buttons of his oldest, tarriest breeches.

Large ings destroyed sometime in the last century by modern stone blocks, closely fitted together in about fifty feet of weapons.

I said, there were draw- also not only found the first two bouncers, but several of ings and maps.

As ings in the Great Pyramid in Egypt refer to the mother- Captain Turcotte says, you all know what happened.