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Answer for the clue "Risk taker ", 7 letters:

Alternative clues for the word insurer

Usage examples of insurer.

Other insurers, or perhaps Medicaid, might take them on, but that was their problem.

This is Casewell Insurers of California, subInsurers of the subsidiary carriers of a partial policy listed by Alan Stanwyk, who is your son?

She had simply put in a call to the insurers and they had had it removed.

Most insurers have restricted or even stopped insuring new homes in coastal regions.

It seems logical, then, that insurers would view a high-risk house with even greater concern.

If other insurers tried the same program, the quality of coastal construction might improve dramatically.

The company and its insurers had plenty of cash to cover these lawsuits, and so it was up to those in the room to hustle on out there and find the rest of the cases.

One fear is that insurers will classify the mutations as a preexisting condition and so refuse to cover treatments related to the condition.

But the short reason for disbelieving that there was any warrant in the old law for making the carrier an insurer against damage is, that there seem to be no early cases in which bailees were held to such a responsibility, and that it was not within the principle on which they were made answerable for a loss by theft.

It is not true to-day that all bailees for reward exercising a public calling are insurers.

This morning—three days since the fire—salvagers in the pay of those insurers were busy with pry-bars and hoists, pulling congealed rivulets and puddles of lead from the canal.

If he did, a case presently worth $20 million, with comps- compensatory damages for lifetime care- might bring one-fifth of that, most of which would go to repay his medical insurer.

Pete was impressed by her grasp of the differing objectives and viewpoints of various medical interests, including insurers, hospitals, Health Maintenance Organizations, drug companies, specialists, general practitioners, and the American Medical Association.

When they got sick or injured, their treatment costs, which were not reimbursed by any insurer, had to be absorbed by the hospital or other health care provider, driving up the costs of medical care for everyone else.

The insurer was gambling that the ship would get back safely and the insuree was gambling that the ship would sink.