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Invasion is the first album released by the band Manilla Road . It was first released in 1980 and was reissued in 2004 in a two-disc package with Metal on the second disc.

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n. 1 A military action consisting of armed forces of one geopolitical entity entering territory controlled by another such entity, generally with the objective of conquering territory or altering the established government. 2 The entry without consent of ...

Usage examples of invasion.

According to it, the Franks, uniting with the barons of Antioch and its fiefs, abetted by certain Knights Templars and whatever forces could be recruited in Tripoli and Jerusalem, would go against Islam in the east and north, rescue Edessa, and repair the bulwarks of Antioch against the danger of invasion.

From their bases first at Turin, and then at Coblenz, they were accused of planning invasions of France on the heels of absolutist armies that would put good patriots and their women and children to the sword and raze their cities.

Iraqi attacks on American forces in the region would be acts of unprovoked aggression and would galvanize international support for the invasion.

President Hosni Mubarak detests Saddam for his brutality and aggressiveness, and for having personally lied to Mubarak before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

On the report of this bold invasion, which threatened his hereditary dominions, Alp Arslan flew to the scene of action at the head of forty thousand horse.

Ambergris, resisting the unprovoked invasion of Ambergris, and assisting in the evacuation of Ambergris, were acts of valor and military prowess unprecedented in the long histories of our peoples.

Petersburg as to the meaning of that invasion, and it received the answer that Russia felt compelled to come to the rescue of the Ameer at his request, for the Afghan ruler was anxious for his independence, in view of the measures which were taken by England.

Israeli invasion of Lebanon but had no impact on the ayatollah, who continued to proclaim that the road to Jerusalem ran through Baghdad.

The motto had been used so often in the struggle to decide the question of invasion that Bade seldom noticed it any more.

The invasion of the Infernal plane had come as the rudest shock of all, and now this bothersome banditry, forcing his hand to acts of repression before he was ready to introduce them.

The assistant to the surgeon-superintendent, whether at the behest of his master or by his own decision, came to conclude that the becalming of the vessel and the invasion of the pestilence from the cracks and the bilges, which had in itself a biblical connotation as if one of the plagues upon Egypt, had come about because of the blasphemy of the whores on board.

Jarac had long supported the division of power that put the First Councilor over him, but Kurj thought it must bedevil him now, knowing that if he had full command, he could refuse to lead the invasion.

In 1994, faced with hyperinflation and mounting threats to his regime, Saddam took the inexplicable step of threatening another invasion of Kuwait--and the best evidence we have, from Hussein Kamel, was that Saddam was not bluffing but genuinely intended to attack.

The Luftwaffe carried out its part in the German invasion of Poland with fierce efficiency and many Polish communities were bombed in the name of tactical bombing, the yardstick being that, if a town stood in the way of the Wehrmacht, it was bombed.

In fact, events and recent history had relegated the short-lived invasion of the Two Arm to the back bubbler, so to speak.