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Irishman can refer to: A male of the Irish people Kill the Irishman , a violent U.S. crime drama film The Irishman , a novel by Elizabeth O'Connor The Irishman , a 1978 Australian romance film based on the novel The Irishman The Irishman , an upcoming American ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
c.1200, from Irish + man (n.).

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Irishman \I"rish*man\, n.; pl. Irishmen . A man born in Ireland or of the Irish race; an Hibernian. Irishman's hurricane (Naut.), a dead calm. Irishman's reef . (Naut.) See Irish reef , under Irish , a.

Usage examples of irishman.

Irishmen have swooped down in the Atholl country, and Alastair Macdonald is their leader.

Denis, who, after the contest with the spivs, had seated himself beside the driver whilst the Irishmen, nursing their guns, lay bumpily asprawl among the cargo.

On the right the East Surrey, the, Cameronians, the 3rd Rifles, the 1st Rifle Brigade, the Durhams, and the gallant Irishmen, so sorely stricken and yet so eager, were all pressing upwards and onwards.

The Irishman claimed these abstract wooden fish were an exact replica of ones used by the early Christians to secretly identify themselves to their coreligionists in those dangerous times.

And yet the man who studied him more closely might discern a certain firmness of jaw and grim tightness about the lips which would warn him that there were depths beyond, and that this pleasant, brown-haired young Irishman might conceivably leave his mark for good or evil upon any society to which he was introduced.

To the Fenian Brotherhood and Irishmen of America: Friends and Countrymen,--The Irish people of America are again united in the cause of Irish independence and universal freedom.

If Fenianism did nothing else, it kept alive the tradition and the spirit of freedom among Irishmen, and handed them on to the next generation.

We have two Indians - lascars - two Goanese, two Singhalese, two Poles, a Puerto Rican, a Southern Irishman and, for some odd reason, an Italian who, as an official enemy, ought to be a prisoner-of-war or in an internment camp somewhere.

The instances are innumerable, where the defendant has pleaded that the deceased was an Irishman, and that therefore defendant had a right to kill him--and upon the proof of Hibernicism, acquittal followed of course.

The Young Irelanders endeavoured to reunite Irishmen to lift the arm of a manly and brave revolt against English connection.

An address was voted to the republic of France by the Young Irelanders, who styled themselves the people of Ireland, although they well knew that millions of Irishmen, numbering among them her most intelligent and influential citizens, repudiated the principles and proceedings of the party.

We bribe the Irishman to take a dive, and Mr Sparrow loses all his loot on the betting ring.

Latin-looking men who would tell you they were Danish-you could speak of Ostmen and Irishmen, Gaedhil and Gaill, but the truth was that you could hardly tell one from the other.

The Court has ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment protects Celtic Irishmen, Chinese, Austrian resident aliens, Japanese, and Mexican-Americans.

Aurelianus was lowered next, and Duffy and the northmen were about to follow when the Irishman heard, a dozen yards to the right, the rutch of a pebble turning under a boot.