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Answer for the clue "Throw for a loop ", 6 letters:

Alternative clues for the word stymie

Usage examples of stymie.

Any honest afrit would by now have grown wings and shot down to find me, but without a nearby ledge or roof to hop to, the skeleton was stymied.

And from what you have told me about your experience with Tachi Shidare, he was stymied in the same manner.

In a loose mob, they spurred their ponies past the stymied cars and, brandishing their rifles above their heads, robes streaming in the wind like battle ensigns, they lunged up the steep bank into the open and galloped furiously on to the flank of the scattered Italian column.

Forces had intended to field manjacks, automated infantry weapon systems, all along, but that was where the process had stymied.

If Brand could steal the evidence Spooner had against him, Brand, the whole double cross could be stymied at the start.

More artillery cascaded in from across the Psel, and another barrage of Katyushas stymied the advance for a minute, driving Luis back inside the Tiger, drawing more mirth from his sweaty crew.

Hispanics to send food and clothing to the Mexican town of Nayarit after the devastations of Hurricane Kenna had been stymied by the inefficiency and obduracy of the Mexican consulate.

The German wedge closest to the crater recoiled under the concerted Russian salvos, their tanks and infantry temporarily stymied.

Tanks, even modern ones with electrostatic hover and thin coilguns instead of heavy cannons, could not maneuver into the narrow alleys of the old city and were stymied by the steep-sided mountain valleys.

Iraq built extensive defensive fortifications to defend those troops, like the defenses it had constructed to stymie the Iranian offensives throughout the Iran-Iraq War.

In the Christine Schultz and JonBenet Ramsey murders, the crime scenes and evidence were compromised from the get-go and the investigations stymied by departments with questionable agendas.

Supreme Court, Stidham found himself stymied with regard to his motion to retest certain physical evidence for DNA.

Neither of us had brought any of the multitudes of other projects we initiated to completion because we were stymied by convention and terrified of being what we perceived as ordinary.

Wicklow, and he told her tales of the conference and the people they met and what had gone well and what had been stymied as usual.

She would have to get permission from Sister Bates, of course, and Polly kept an eye on the clock while she cleaned up the toddlers after their breakfast, only to be stymied at the last minute by the abrupt departure of Sister from the ward.