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The terms Specials or The Specials could refer to: The Specials , an English ska music band The Specials , the band's first album More Specials , their second album The Specials (internet TV series) , an internet documentary series about 5 friends with ...

Usage examples of specials.

If all four boards took different routes to the river, and all of them dropped their trackers in different places, the Specials were going to have a confusing night.

If I send a hovercar full of Specials, your friends will probably be a bit suspicious.

Smokies were making a stand, holding off a handful of Specials with axes and makeshift clubs.

The Specials must have waited until most of the Smokies were gathered in the mess hall before launching their invasion.

A dozen or so Specials stood in a cordon around them, watching their captives with empty expressions.

It was the cold expressions of the Specials, beautiful though they were, that seemed horrific to her now.

Tally saw that one of the Specials had a bruise marring his pretty face.

It had been transformed into a headquarters for the invasion, the long tables filled with portable workscreens manned by Specials, its usual quiet replaced by a buzz of clipped exchanges and commands.

The Specials might be faster, but her hoverboard was more maneuverable.

The Specials might have expected her to turn off on another river, but the sudden appearance of an old railroad track had surprised them.

It seemed entirely deserted, but there might be a few Specials in hiding, waiting for stragglers to reappear.

She could hardly tell him that the Specials had released her themselves.

A squad of Specials was headed toward her across the compound, an open door behind them at ground level.

The other Specials watched from the ground below, waiting for her to fall.

Did the regular city government know what the Specials had done to the Smoke, or to Az?