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Answer for the clue "Magic formulas ", 6 letters:

Alternative clues for the word spells

Usage examples of spells.

All the spells I have used with the lutar are based on chorded harmony.

Darksong also takes more skill in singing the spells, and more energy.

First, no sorceress, or sorcerer, can cast spells that directly affect her.

In sorcery, or music spells, competency was barely enough, and a mistake could be dangerous or fatal.

Or would she have to use one of her destructive spells to enforce that right?

She winced as she thought about the necessary spells, but walked back to the main room and retrieved the lutar.

You have ridden nearly two leagues, cast numerous spells, been wounded, and taken over a strange hold, and you are astonished that you are fatigued.

All she ever did, it seemed, was cast spells and get weak and recover in time to cast more spells.

Eladdrin had been the only way to stop the invasion of the Ebrans, but the spells necessary had also ripped out the ford, and Anna was definitely beginning to regret the destruction of the only decent crossing point on the Chean River west of Pamr.

Trying to create the spells without writing them made it too hard to remember all the parts.

Some songs against spelled weapons and some spells to make ours more effective.

After tuning the lutar, and spending more time scrawling out adaptations of mirror spells, Anna reclaimed the lutar, glanced in the reflecting pool, then began the spell.

Menares nor Dy-thya had discovered who or where the young sorcerer might be, and her spells had revealed nothing more.

They say her spells are bound with the lyric tone, with anger, and with fire.

In the span of three breaths, he was warded with spells that would protect him against mental, magical, and physical attacks.