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n. (plural of spiral English)

Usage examples of spirals.

It whirled with shimmering plumes, with swirls of lacy light, with spirals of living vapour.

And above it, tangled in the plumes and spirals that throbbed and whirled were seven glowing lights.

Straight down that radiant path, its high-flung plumes of feathery flame shimmering, its coruscating spirals whirling, its seven globes of seven colours shining above its glowing core, it raced toward us.

It swept up the ramp to the dais, rested there, slowly turning, plumes and spirals lacing and unlacing, throbbing, pulsing.

She threw aside the veiling cloud of hair, and in the gleam of the last retreating spirals her face glared out like some old Greek mask of tragedy.

In its great broken rifts, divisions, and spirals are found the gigantic prototypes of similar forms in its star-clouds and clusters.

How graceful are the spirals that smoothly rise from its oval rim and, gemmed with little stars, wind off into the darkness until they have become as delicate as threads of gossamer!

Its vast wings produced by the outburst are twisted into spirals by their rotation and the contending attractions exercised upon them, as the two suns, like battleships in desperate conflict, curve round each other, concentrating their destructive energies.

Ori had taken to wearing marks on his clothes, coils mimicking the spirals Jacobs left on walls.

He dropped his gun hand, and a khepri, one of these militant newcomers, was running at him, the spiked flails of her stingbox leaving spirals of sparks in the air.

The chalk spirals that Jacobs left wherever he went, that had given him his name, continued to disseminate, gone viral.

Ink and graphite, in different sizes, the angles and directions of the curves variant, and here were spirals off spirals in intricate series.

He shuffled and crooned and drew his spirals on the dark brick walls, on through Sheck, a grocertown of shopkeepers and a stronghold of New Quill, where Ori walked carefully.

BZ reaction always looks like a paisley pattern filled with spirals, with no circular waves in sight.

Nevertheless, we start to spiral out in spite of ourselves, in flatter and flatter spirals that bring us into the plane of the galaxy.