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Answer for the clue "Insignia (ring) ", 6 letters:

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Signet may refer to: Signet, Kenya , A subsidiary of the Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), specifically set up to broadcast and distribute the DTT signals Signet ring , a ring with a seal set into it, typically by leaving an impression in sealing wax ...

Usage examples of signet.

The Treves Portal would take them to the Council Hall, and from there they would use the Hemalth Portal to the estate, permitted to pass there by the magic signet impressed into the invitation.

Khem in obsidian, Bast in carnelian, Besa in serpentine, signets in jasper, and ropes of diamonds which had been Babylonian gems of spoil.

One displays a foppish frock coat with the best of beavers, another a wonderful Greek nose, the third is the bearer of superb side-whiskers, the fourth of a pair of pretty eyes and an astonishing little hat, the fifth of a signet ring with a talisman on his smart pinkie, the sixth of a little foot in a charming bootie, the seventh of an astonishment-arousing necktie, the eighth of an amazement-inspiring mustache.

Her nails are neatly squared, no polish, and she wears a large white-gold watch with a black crocodile band, a Breguet, and a Harvard signet ring.

Men who wore silk coats and gold signet rings rarely carried such things.

Mickey Zucker Reichert, child prodigy, when I was still at NAL, running the Signet science fiction line.

The last articles he took were from the dressing-table drawer: gold cufflinks, three watches and two signet rings.

That diamond signet which thou wearest on thy finger, thou holdest it, doubtless, as of inestimable value?

Azrael spreadeth his wings for flight--thou, wiser than Solimaun Ben Daoud, upon whose signet was inscribed the REAL NAME which controls the spirits of the elements--forbid it, Heaven, that while thou travellest upon the track of benevolence, bearing healing and hope wherever thou comest, thine own course should be saddened for lack of the tale and of the song.

Everything about him was outsize, from the stained battledress that might have come from any of half a dozen armed forces, to the startlingly large signet ring on his left band.

Absently, Calum stroked a thumb over the signet he wore, feeling the sharp roughness of the family crest engraved in the cabochon ruby.

Coco's downward clubbing fist missed him almost completely, the burred edge of a signet ring burning a thin line from temple to jaw, but Reynolds, with the giant guard completely off balance, made no mistake.

I thought of my aunt Tyeraha, after a long lesson on statecraft, touching the demarchic signet to my chin and saying, "Hurry up and grow, lad, I want all this off my hands.

The meaning of the demarchic signet didn't reside in it, but in Yeola-e, in Assembly, in the vote, in thought and choice.

Somewhere in the forested hills of north-ern Aijia, as Arkans call the province, there is a shallow marshy pond, at the bottom of which lies the demarchic signet of Yeola-e, carved five hundred years ago.