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Answer for the clue "Park bench board ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word slat

Usage examples of slat.

He turned his back on me and again lifted one of the green slats and peered outside, letting in anarrow beam of light that angled across the patchy darkness of the office, and straight into my eyes.

The remains of a bedtick moldered on the slats, its grass stuffing given over to the nests of the birds and rodents.

Before Sanders could answer, Ventress had stepped over to the larger of the two suitcases on the slatted stand beside the wardrobe.

The mound of dense rubbish spilt slowly into an inverted cone, slipping past the shattered slats of the crate.

Rough wooden or tin partitions, slatted floors, and rudimentary ladderlike stairs had been attached as best they could be to the original bare steel strutting and concrete buttresses of the monorail station.

With fingertips of suprahuman sensitivity, he could feel the little pulses of power below those slats of thin metal and ceramic and wood, like blood through capillaries.

The vehicle bumped along on large toroidal balloons made of a native tree resin, and used laminated wooden bow slats as springs.

To optimize maneuverability, a computer automatically adjusted the flaps and slats when the machine was maneuvering in the subsonic and transonic speed ranges.

She thought it unlikely that a flight attendant would know about uncommanded slats deployment.

He finds it is up and locked, which is puzzling, since it means he has an uncommanded slats deploy .

I sat by the doors that were slatted And the stuff had a surf like the sea-- No vintage was anywhere vatted Too strong for ventripotent me!

So, at those times we increase the curvature, by extending sections in the front and backflaps at the back, and slats at the leading edge.

Slat Mor, Slat Marr, Slat Beag, the Cailliach of the Rocks, and four badachs.

Amadan of the Dough, and I have killed Slat Mor, Slat Man, Slat Beag, the Cailliach of the Rocks and her four badachs, the Black Bull of the Brown Woods, the White Wether of the Hill of the Waterfalls, and the Beggarman of the King of Sweden, and before night I will have killed the Silver Cat of the Seven Glens.

But the sides were open slats and crossbeams, so the guards could watch the captives.