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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1806, from horse (n.) + power (n.); established by Watt as the power needed to lift 33,000 pounds one foot in one minute, which is actually about 1.5 times the power of a strong horse.

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Horsepower is an album released by The Phoenix Foundation in 2003.

Usage examples of horsepower.

Pacino waited for the deck to vibrate with the energy of 52,000-shaft horsepower back aft pushing them through the ocean.

With the last horsepower in his hot, oilless engine, he glided between a 5,000-foot mountain on his right and a 2,000-foot foothill to his left, skimmed across a narrow beach, leveled off, dropped his flaps and skittered onto the surface of the bay a couple of miles offshore.

Horsepower is, by definition, based on velocity, so you can only describe Horsepower at a particular speed.

Boeing 777 produce 50,000 horsepower, the equivalent of about 200 Porsches.

They had made it to the other end of the tunnel and were in position to open the door and enter the hidden hallway that led into Horsepower and up a flight of stairs to the Oval Office.

Adams hit the landing outside of Horsepower, and Rapp pushed Adams into the tunnel.

We just discovered that one of the monitors in Horsepower is tuned to a rooftop camera.

STOOD NEXT to the main doorway of Horsepower looking down the hall, waiting for a Tango to come around the corner any second.

Rapp then ran into Horsepower, where he saw the first of the hostages coming his way.

With the horsepower and handling of a 427 Cobra you had to be forcefully gentle, with a very light touch and feel to control the car in the rain.

She has 52,000 shaft horsepower, and get this-this boat is quieter going full out than a Los Angeles sub at all-stop.

Reactor Main Coolant Pumps--Massive pumps, each consuming between 100 and 400 horsepower, that force main coolant water through the reactor and then to the steam generators.

The deck trembled slightly as the ship accelerated, the reactor circulation pumps aft--huge pumps, each the size of a compact car--started up, their 1500 horsepower motors spinning the rotors, pumping the coolant water through the core so the reactor power could double from 50 to 100 percent.

With a few modifications, more horsepower, larger chassis and steering assembly, someplace to sit .

The motor was making good horsepower and the suspension was softer than he thought it would be.