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Answer for the clue "Gordie and Elias ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word howes

Usage examples of howes.

Chief Howes grabbed the mooring lines and tied them off, then he stepped aboard.

Jenkins had called ahead to Chief Howes, and he was waiting at the air port in a police cruiser to drive the men to Rocky Point.

Charlie Howes had insisted on going along, and Jenkins was glad to have him.

Jenkins and Howes politely ignored Gamay's butchering of the Maine dialect.

Chief Howes said, his easygoing voice gaining an uncharacteristic tautness.

He immobilized Howes with one hand while his other fumbled the SpraySeal from the kit again.

It was probably too late for Howes already, even if Slade had not been tripped.

This was Captain Truman Howes of the Armstrong, Commander Saavik's ship, his fair skin and pale eyes startlingly out of place in a desert climate.

Rising from the command chaiiJ Saavik pivoted to greet Captain Howes and added formally, "Thel bridge is yours, sir.

Captain Uhura would have no reason to contact me directly, rather than going through Captain Howes, unless it concerned--Spock.

Ship's time indicated that Captain Howes would have come off watch and would logically be found in his quarters.

All Howes knows is that Commander Saavik took leave for, shall we say, personal Vulcan reasons.

He’d better be good to her,” Howes added to McCoy in an undertone, “or, ambassador or not, he’ll hear from my crew.

Ship’s time indicated that Captain Howes would have come off-watch and would logically be found in his quarters.

The left four companies had Sergeant Howes, now a Lieutenant, in command of E, a Captain Leighton, who had been borrowed from Haxall's Arkansas regiment to command Company F, Captain Davies took over Medlicott's old Company G, and Truslow, whom Starbuck had insisted on promoting into a full Captain, was in charge of Company H.