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Hobe (also: von Hobe von Gelting , Baron von Hobe-Gelting , Hobe Freiherr von Gelting or Monforts von Hobe ) is the name of an old German noble family from Mecklenburg , which also became influential in Denmark . Branches of the family are still in existence...

Usage examples of hobe.

Opal knew that if he didn't, Hobe Caulkins would laugh at him for being a snob.

Careful not to drag his wounded foot, he scuttled through the door­way just as Hobe Caulkins shot across the ship from the port side and halted, looking down the gangway to the deserted pier.

He wondered whether they had witnessed the chase on the closed-circuit tele­vision monitors that had first detected Hobe Caulkins.

When newcomers arrived at Hobe Sound and were unfortunate enough to displease Mrs.

They had written about his charisma, his lavish life-style, his private plane and his yacht, and his legendary homes in Hobe Sound, Morocco, Long Island, London, the South of France, and of course his 4 magnificent estate, Rose Hill, in the Back Bay area of Boston.

Peggy Malkovich had been married to, Woodrow '' Stanford for two years, but to the residents of Hobe Sound, she was still referred to as 'that waitress'.

He lived in the family villa, had classical good looks, was charming and greganous, and a target for all the eager debutantes in Hobe Sound, Philadelphia, and Long Island.

Twenty-four years earlier, Hobe Sound had been rocked by a similar scandal involving the Stanfords.

If one was not born to it, one had to earn the right to be a member of this Hobe Sound community.

Anthony Pelletier, the doyenne of Hobe Sound, was the arbiter of all social d.

But the residents liked Woody and, after all, his grandmother on his mother's side had been one of the founders of Hobe Sound.

Once a week, the Hobe Sound Literary Circle met at the country club for a discussion of the latest books, followed by a luncheon.

A liquor store had opened recently on Bridge Road that made deliveries to their Hobe Sound customers at all hours of the day and night.

Tony Benedotti had served as a gardener for many of the homes in Hobe Sound for years.

Most of the pictures had been taken on their yacht, atkose Hill, or at the Hobe Sound villa.