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Answer for the clue "Chinese factories ", 5 letters:

Word definitions for hongs in dictionaries

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n. (plural of hong English)

Usage examples of hongs.

He oversees the transactions of all the harbor hongs, collecting for Sha'angh'sei, duties on each shipment coming in and departing the port.

They are wealthy hongs of Sha'angh'sei just as their parents were before them.

If my father's connection with them was made public it would take his face away forever, would sever the very close links he has with Struan's, and all the other hongs that exist today, and most important, would destroy forever his chance for a knighthood, the one thing he wants above all.

Like the possible, oh so important election as a voting member to the super-exclusive Turf Club, or membership in the Hong Kong Golf Club or Cricket Club-or even the Club itself-or any of the other minor though equally exclusive clubs that were tightly controlled by the British tai-pans of great hongs where all the really big business was conducted.

If one destroys the other-oh I don't mean just Quillan or Dunross, I mean the hongs themselves, the companies, Struan's and Rothwell-Gornt.

And the Hongs and the Fangs and the Tangs and the Sungs and the McSweeneys have been killing one another for thousands of years.

They would take over their factories—or hongs, as their business houses in the Orient were called—and stay in the Settlement as always until May when the season’s business was over.