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Answer for the clue ""... the slithy toves / Did __ and gimble ...": "Jabberwocky" ", 4 letters:

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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1560s, "a circular motion;" as a verb, "to turn round," early 15c.; from Latin gyrus "circle, circular course, round, ring," and its derived verb gyrare , from Greek gyros "circle, ring," related to gyrós "rounded," perhaps from PIE root *geu- "to bend, ...

Usage examples of gyre.

Even so, I recognized him as Gerund Gyres from the photographs the police had circulated.

I must make is that you, Gerund Gyres, as I must call you, have committed murder: on your own admission, you killed my chief warder.

Then from the gleaming roof-gaps of the house suddenly vomited forth a wonderous swarm of heteromerous living things--swallows, sparrows, martins, owls, bats, insects in visible multitudes, to hang for many minutes a noisy, gyring, spreading cloud over the black gables and chimneys.

Kittiwakes and terns wheeled in gyres far above, and a heavy-bodied gull seemed to hang immobile in the air nearby, riding the wind as we sculled slowly out into the harbor mouth.

In strict causality, the impact of the macroscopicThe slithy roves did gyre and gimble in the wabe, thought Roger Phlutter.

And yet it continued to circulate, like a widening gyre of bright-rippled eddies, in the bubbling preconscious of the heroine who lay, healing, in her arms.

The wizard Gyre, who had last seen the prince haggard and half-mad, crouched over a fire in the night-forests of Serre and tearing into a spitted hare with his hands, did not expect him to appear among the curious, whispering courtiers in their flowing silks.

Gyre had anticipated, exactly what the King of Serre said to him a little later when he sent for the wizard.

To mage-sight, the creatures appeared as a mad gyre of sparks, winnowed and whirled by the insatiable hungers that drove them.

These so-called gyres are basically what is gong to bring the Alamo into port.

They could not farm there, but individual gardens were made possible by soil patiently carried boatload by boatload from Greater Tilo, Hookk, and Gyre.

Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths olAtgrabe.

In strict causality, the impact of the macroscopicThe slithy roves did gyre and gimble in the wabe, thought Roger Phlutter.

On stands of some clear, hard crystal that looked like diamond, there were displayed gyres and selduks, mantelets and kevalin sets and the heaumes of various cleansing computers.

He stepped past the gyres and kevalin sets and the rack of wooden flutes.