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Answer for the clue "Hindu molasses ", 3 letters:

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Gür is a Turkish given name for males and a surname ,which means bushy. It may refer to:

Usage examples of gur.

Lusaka Gur had developed a spell that made the Mulhorandi think twice before capturing a Red Wizard.

Since coming to Aglarond, the Simbul had carefully researched the various spells of Lusaka Gur and found ways to foil them.

The big Gur smiled back at their fixed scowls and pointedly kept his mouth closed.

What kinds of dreams were left to an outcast Gur, a drink-sodden sorceress, and an unrepentant halfling?

The Gur shifted nervously in his own saddle while trying to negotiate his skittish horse through the throng.

It was for moments like this that Pinch kept the Gur around, ceding battle command to him.

The Gur eased back from his coil, slid his knife away and eyed the dice casually.

The Gur was to carry it west in the next caravan until he found a good broker on the Sword Coast to take it off his hands.

Someday, Pinch thought to himself, someday that Gur is going to get it in his head to challenge me.

The big Gur rubbed at the rope-scar under his scarf with self-conscious discomfort.

The Gur tensed his muscular frame, just sensing the need if Pinch got violent.

Ampris finished carrying her rugs outside, she saw Fain and Gur at work in the courtyard, unloading long, massive spools of cloth from a cargo flat floating on its antigrav unit and fitting the spool bolts onto robot carters that lumbered back and forth between the courtyard and the warehouse.

She held it up on its chain, making the sunlight flash through the clear stone in the center, and Gur watched it in simple delight.

Her heart burned with anger against this petty tyrant, and she wished Gur would pick him up and break him in half as he deserved.

But she knew Gur would stand there, docile under the abuse, offering no resistance.