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Alternative clues for the word guerre

Usage examples of guerre.

La guerre avec sa famille qui avait empoisonne sa jeunesse, et maintenant le sacrifice de son bonheur.

Frontenac commenca la Chanson de guerre, la Hache a la main, les principaux Chefs des Francois se joignant a luy avec de pareilles armes, la chanterent ensemble.

This court decided that the case required more careful consideration than had yet been given to it, and began by ordering Arnauld du Thill to be confronted with Pierre Guerre and Bertrande de Rolls.

The whole story bore the impress of truth, but when the other prisoner was asked what he had to say he adhered to his first answers, maintaining their correctness, and again asserted that he was the real Martin Guerre, and that the new claimant could only be Arnauld du Thill, the clever impostor, who was said to resemble himself so much that the inhabitants of Sagias had agreed in mistaking him for the said Arnauld.

Arnauld du Thill grew pale, and everyone expected that Martin Guerre, rejoiced at being vindicated by this public acknowledgment, would raise his wife and embrace her.

Arnauld du Thill or Pansette, calling himself Martin Guerre, a prisoner in the Conciergerie, who appeals from the decision of the judge of Rieux, etc.

Martin Guerre and Bertrande de Rolls, also the said Pierre Guerre, uncle of the aforesaid Martin, and has remitted and remits the aforesaid Arnauld du Thill to the aforesaid judge of Rieux, in order that the present sentence may be executed according to its form and tenor.

And to be worthy of my marraine I think that I ought to have the Croix de Guerre.

German proclamation announcing the execution of Miss Cavell PROCLAMATION Le Tribunal de Conseil de Guerre Imperial Allemand siegent a Bruxelles a prononce les condamnations suivantes: Condamne a mort pour trahison en bande organise: Edith CAVAELL, Institutrice a Bruxelles.

Dans la meme seance, le Conseil de Guerre a prononce contre dix-sept autres accuses de trahison envers les Armees Imperiales, des comdamnations de travaux forces et de prison variant entre deux ans et huit ans.

Lors de la guerre de Cent Ans, la petite ville eut beaucoup a souffrir et fit vaillamment son devoir.

Reference, however, to the letters patent of January 15, 1540, from which he professes to quote and which are still preserved and can be identified as the same which he says were to be found in the Etat Ordinaire des Guerres in the Chambre des Comptes at Paris, does not bear out his statement.

De guerre lasse, me resigno a encarar mi certera Remington, cómplice y muda confidente de tantas escapadas por el azul.

Sauvages de recommencer la guerre contre les Anglois, m'oblige de vous prier de luy faire une plus forte part sur les 1,500 livres de gratification que Sa Majeste accorde pour les ecclesiastiques de l'Acadie.

One gathered from it that that elusive and distressingly picturesque outlaw, the Saint, had set the Law by the ears again with a new climax of audacities: his name and nom de guerre waltzed through the bald paragraphs of the narrative like a debonair will-o'-the-wisp, carrying with it a breath of buccaneering glamour, a magnificently medieval lawlessness, that shone with a strange luminance through the dull chronicles of an age of dreary news.