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n. (plural of hallucination English)

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Hallucinations is David Usher 's third studio album. It was released on September 9, 2003 via EMI label. One single, "Time of our Lives" was released off the record. Hallucinations follows two other solo albums, Little Songs (1998) and Morning Orbit (2001), ...

Usage examples of hallucinations.

Those treating abductees might explain to their patients that hallucinations are normal, and that childhood sexual abuse is disconcertingly common.

It is very likely that the normal human body generates substances perhaps including the morphine-like small brain proteins called endorphins that cause hallucinations, and others that suppress them.

After all, if true, either hypothesis - invasion by sexually manipulative extraterrestrials or an epidemic of hallucinations - teaches us something we certainly ought to know about.

Some are convinced that eyewitness testimony is reliable, that people do not make things up, that hallucinations or hoaxes on such a scale are impossible, and that there must be a long-standing, high-level government conspiracy to keep the truth from the rest of us.

Admiral Richard Byrd, Captain Joshua Slocum and Sir Ernest Shackleton all experienced vivid hallucinations when coping with unusual isolation and loneliness.

The hallucinations are routinely interpreted as possession by good or evil spirits.

However, none of this makes hallucinations part of an external rather than an internal reality.

You may experience auditory or visual hallucinations of people, demons, ghosts, animals or birds.

People with temporal lobe epilepsy - involving a cascade of naturally generated electrical impulses in the part of the brain beneath the forehead - experience a range of hallucinations almost indistinguishable from reality: including the presence of one or more strange beings, anxiety, floating through the air, sexual experiences, and a sense of missing time.

So such hallucinations, generated spontaneously, or with chemical or experiential assists, may play a role, perhaps a central role, in the UFO accounts.

The confessions of witchcraft could not be based on hallucinations, say, or attempts to satisfy the inquisitors and stop the torture.

Soon it takes on a life of its own, inspires others trying to understand their own visions and hallucinations, and enters the realm of folklore, myth and legend.

The connection between the content of spontaneous temporal lobe hallucinations and the alien abduction paradigm is consistent with such a hypothesis.

An infinite regress of that nature, hallucinations inside hallucinations, is rather like trying to multiply by zero in ordinary mathematics.

General Aur and his new Minister of Trade had come to the station, when McHogue had made the assertion that an infinite regress, artificial realities nested within a spiral of hallucinations, was impossible, both in theory and practice.