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Answer for the clue "Breathing organs in fish ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word gills

Usage examples of gills.

They are placed under the pileus just as the gills are situated, and contain the spores.

MANOR WAS the crucible in which my father, the Gills, and I lived together.

Instead, I was in the church at Selden Wick, where the box pews were empty and shut fast except for the one belonging to the Gills, who stood with their backs to me, Mrs.

And I so wanted to be in that little church with Shales, the Gills, and my father.

The Gills never told me anything useful, Shales had talked to my father in confidence, the villagers who might have known her were alienated.

The gills are not attached to the stem, and are white with a creamy hue.

The gills are free, not attached to the stem, and are swollen in the middle.

We see no ring, no membrane around the base of stem, and what are these tubes beneath the cap so unlike the gills of the others?

The group of mushrooms that have gills are called Agaracini or Agarics.

The color of the spores can be seen by cutting off the cap, and laying it gills downward, on a sheet of paper, two or three hours or more.

It has a peculiarity in the fact that the hymenial cells, or the layer of mother cells, contained in the gills, change into a waxy mass, at length removable from the trama.

The gills are adnato-decurrent, that is, partly attached and prolonged down the stem.

The distinctive feature is the milk that flows when the gills are cut.

The gills are rigid, fragile, with an acute edge, and mostly equal in length.

The gills are rounded behind and free, entirely separate from stem, white, then flesh-colored, but often tinged with yellow.