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Answer for the clue "Le Sage's Blas and others ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word gils

Usage examples of gils.

Marcus grumbled, but the others smiled and made room as Gils galloped to my side.

Finally, in frustration Marcus had me lie on my stomach, and he and Keir held my feet as Gils cleaned them.

Which forced poor Gils to try to clean it out with an angry and worried Warlord of the Plains hanging over his shoulder, watching his every move.

Marcus had gathered all of the pack horses, and Gils and I split the supplies evenly between us.

I was fairly certain that within a few days, a week at the most, Gils would have help.

I accepted the bowl that Gils held out, and Isdra and Epor and I stuffed the cloths in our nose and mouths.

I turned, only to see Gils take a few steps to catch my horse, who had started to fol-low us down the road.

Marcus moved into my line of sight, with Gils right behind, looking anxious.

Marcus and Gils fussed for a bit, with Gils going to fetch a bucket of warm water.

I leaned back, safe in his arms, and watched as Gils struck another pose, gesturing with one hand.

I sipped some kavage that Marcus forced on me, then Gils and I started the herb lessons.

But we learned, Gils and I, that if the person made it through the initial fever, his chances of survival were much higher.

By the time Prest returned, Gils was fast asleep on my pallet, oblivious to the world around him.

I turned my head to see Iften standing there behind me, Isdra and Gils just visible behind him.

As proud as I was of Gils, I also felt a guilty sense of relief at his words.