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Answer for the clue "Affixes with an adhesive ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word glues

Usage examples of glues.

She consumes all of her carefully stockpiled energies, and for the first time in her life, she weaves a body for herself: A distinct physical shell composed of diamond dust and keratin and discarded rare earths and a dozen subtle glues meant to bind to every surface without being felt.

A great swift shape presses its way across her hiding place, but she activates her glues too late.

Of the glues available in the seventeenth century, animal and fish glues cannot be used for aircraft work because they are not waterproof.

Until synthetic resin glues are reinvented, casein glue will have to do.

While it might be chill outside, I'd built the shop snug, and the hearth helped, not only for heating and mixing glues or steam, but for keeping the woods from getting too hot or cold.

The chill and heat had taken their toll on the glues, and with a little help here and there, I managed to slide the whole window into the room.

Besides my slow night-studies of order, and my cautious attempts at applying them in small and hidden ways-like creating stronger glues by working with the internal order of the broths-I also wandered through the streets of Fenard, just somehow trying to understand why it felt the way it did.