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A rya is a traditional Scandinavian wool rug with a long pile of about 1 to 3 inches. They were made using a form of the Ghiordes knot to make the double-sided pile fabric. Though rya means "rug" in English , the original meaning in Sweden of rya was a ...

Usage examples of rya.

Doyle is the gorgio the rya has been so anxious to find, and the rya will be very pleased with us for netting him.

Four times I lifted Rya while she hastily molded a charge of plastique between the pipes and plugged a detonator into it.

Perhaps Rya was instinctively aware that she required protection, and perhaps she was also aware that I intended to be there when she needed help, for as the evening wore on, she began to share some secrets about herself, and I sensed that she was telling me things she had told no one else in the Sombra Brothers Carnival.

The baby was Rya, and before Rya was even born, someone did offer to make an honest woman of Maralee Sween, perhaps proving that God watches over pregnant hillbilly girls about as well as He looks out for drunks.

Hunched in front of the microfilm reader, Rya hugged herself and shivered.

The vertigo did not entirely pass, but Rya came out onto the frame above me, waiting for me to move down and out of her way, and lightning flashed again to remind me of the danger of electrocution, so I drove myself off the spoke, to the crossbeam under it.

AdAage tsesi alishewecr asose th,ebst r, ryae 8 selody ouTayryae at wriasnts.

Later, when we paid visits to a couple of other carnies, to see how they were passing the time, she was more like the Rya they knew: cool, detached.

One educated guess has it that this -s alternates with a longer form -ryƫ (plausibly extrapolated from the possessive ending -rya "his/her"), but only the attested ending -s is used in the exercises below.

Rya noticed that there was no fiction here: gone were Dickens, Dostoyevski, Stevenson, and Poe.

Rya and Cathy went out to the nearby barn in search of a couple of buckets and a length of rubber tubing-items that ought to be at hand in a cider mill, even now, long after the cider season.

The last one, a romance with Danish modern, had brought a teak dining table, a wicker chair that looked like an egg and hung from a chain, and a Rya rug into our lives.

Michel's pupils opened further in the nimbus of starlight and leaf gleam, and he recognized members of the farm team, Iwao, Raul, Ellen, Rya, Gene, Evgenia, all of the farm team except for Hiroko herself.

Remo could smell her wanting him and he pressed her to him and carried her to the blue-and-white Rya rug on the floor, where his hands busied themselves under her skirt, bringing her close to the edge but not over.