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Answer for the clue "Makes angry ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word galls

Usage examples of galls.

Not a thought had she for the Galls in Salterton, who would at this time be sitting amid the ruins of Mrs Gall's calorifically murderous Christmas dinner, fighting, in the name of Christian charity, a losing fight against their mounting ennui and repletion.

It was then explained to the Galls how the Trust was expected to work.

He pleaded eloquently with the Galls not to deny their daughter the chance that was being offered to her to be a force for good in the world.

She had played the piano with facility, and as the Galls had been Baptists before Mr Gall and his wife took up with the Thirteeners, Ellen had found herself organist and leader of the choir at the smallest and least important of Salterton's Baptist churches.

The Galls had never been able to afford a piano, though they had somehow afforded a succession of second-hand cars.

In the circle in which the Galls moved, the subdivision of humankind to which Alex and Kevin belonged was not understood -- and indeed, if its existence were recognized at all it was thought to appear only among people whom wealth or an unwholesome preoccupation with the arts had corrupted.

None of the Galls were travellers, and the belief had grown up among them, unspoken yet plainly understood, that once Monica had gone they need never expect to look upon her face again.

People did travel about the world, it was true, and return to their families even after many years of absence, but the Galls could not believe that this would be so with one of their own.

None of the Galls ever thought seriously about sickness or health, and death was a theo­logical, rather than a physical, fact to them.

He had no experience of illness, except for occasional coughs and colds, and the Galls had no physician, now that old Doctor Wander, who had attended to the children, had died.

Claimed to sell three hundred galls annually to customers up and down the eastern seaboard.

Claimed they got their galls from hunt clubs, farmers, and by their own hunting and trapping.

Since freshness determines value, most galls are dried in the destination city.

If the galls are spotted on a security scanner, the carrier claims he’s bringing dried fruit to his mama.

A single preserved gall usually brings about five thousand dollars in Korea, but prize galls have sold for as much as ten thousand.