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Answer for the clue "Tend to a dull pencil again ", 9 letters:

Word definitions for resharpen in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
vb. sharpen again

Usage examples of resharpen.

These included: plain choppers, sharpened choppers, pointed choppers, and retouchers, which were used to resharpen the working edges of other stone implements.

I was, inspecting the boat and trying to resharpen her swordcane against different sorts of rocks.

Their metal was as hard as the set of his jaw, the edges so keen he hadnt yet needed to resharpen them.

Disposable syringes and needles had finally arrived in Vietnam the last month, which relieved the medics from having to clean and sterilize syringes and resharpen needles.

The deer-antler stylus Theirid used to scratch tallies had been borrowed and resharpened into an awl.

Years of jostling for rank had resharpened her antagonism to a consummate arsenal of tact.

Each revived memory arose resharpened by the untempered lens of blithe innocence.

And there, in exacerbating viciousness, the resharpened vision of the maze exposed an insidious, fresh twist: the geas of Desh-thiere had not been quiescent.

Touched to tears by the unnamed loss that raged through him, he trembled, his emotion resharpened to unblunted potency, and his grief, too poignant to bear.

Recast by that play of resharpened force, he experienced a range of emotion that surpassed any word to describe.

The point had been broken and badly resharpened, but the edge looked to be well honed.

The material, depleted uranium, had a peculiar property: it resharpened itself even as the old point dulled.

Still, Charon relished the tiny refreshment to his power, his Sight resharpened by it.

Woode or Gawaine the Legendary to take on so many with the sword that I resharpened for you just yesterday.

Masterfully deft, he tuned each register, resharpening purity into a razing, bright force.