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Alternative clues for the word retrofit

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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
verb EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ Some manufacturers are already offering to retrofit old models with catalytic converters. ▪ The latest build is air-conditioned, and following the final deliveries Adtranz is to retrofit the earlier cars with full air-conditioning. ...

Usage examples of retrofit.

Maybe there really were some gene surgeons who could do a retrofit this good, he thought.

It was almost as if the cunning retrofit body was melting away and the real Wu beneath was emerging, moment by moment.

Kashyyyk during the Yevethan crisis, Jowdrrl had retrofit a quartet of transparent optical transducer panels to enhance port and aft visibility.

Somewhere among them were fragments strong enough to serve as the tools he would need to retrofit the control bolt.

A new retrofit, however, eliminated this difficulty, which was felt to be a basic design deficiency.

We were out in an antique REB, no armor retrofit to mention, and we got rocked up by a booger in a fake satellite.

The microwave dump system was one of the post-apocalypse retrofits to the orbiter.

Sound-speech was the most secure form of communication in the Galilean system, and even the armored, hard-vac Io worker had been retrofitted to accommodate it.

Soph and seven other members of the team hung aboard a narrow monocrystal hull with retrofitted drive pods.

She ducked after Salasso through an oval hatch that led to a strip-lit tubular corridor with free-fall handgrips along the sides and retrofitted planking along the bottom.

The minister of industrial policy had arrived, tying up an ancient fiberglass speedboat retrofitted with ribbed lateen sails.

Dana commandeers Wolff's ship after the drives are retrofitted with a device perfected by former 15th ATAC whiz kid Louie Nichols.

Dana commandeers Wolff's ship after the drives are retrofitted with a device perfected by former 15th ATAC whiz-kid, Louie Nichols.

They were all concrete and concrete block, with tin roofs, and it was clear that they had been hastily painted and retrofitted with better electrical service and air-conditioning.

The lower levels are filled with retrofit braces and supports, and the very lowest are now filled with foam concrete, plasteel, and rocky rubble.