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Answer for the clue "Funnyman Mayall ", 3 letters:

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Rik or RIK may refer to: Riq , a type of tambourine used in Arabic music Rik, Iran "Rik" (song) , a 2016 song by Albin Johnsén and Mattias Andréasson Carrillo Airport in Carillo, Costa Rica Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (Greek: ) Redbergslids IK , a Swedish ...

Usage examples of rik.

Annie stopped and bent to look at the ground, and Rik almost tripped over her.

Or that he hoped Rik would play a game of fetch on the way to the barn.

Annie Beckett stopped and bent to look at the ground, and Rik almost tripped over her.

A man who looked like Rik had surely made an impression on the female population of this small town.

As a reward, Rik scratched the hairy chin of his four-year-old Belgian mare.

Big business was king, and Rik had survived only because he was too pigheaded to give up.

She gazed at it, surprised, before slipping it in her skirt pocket to give to Rik later.

With an effort, Rik kept his gaze on the road, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw her reach again for the bootie.

Buck dashed after it, Rik untucked the pink bootie from his pocket and rubbed it between his fingers, his chest tightening at how small it looked in his hand.

The longer Rik could go without having to greet the bastard, the better.

Heather continued to sit, playing with her fork, her insolent gaze daring Rik to ask her to clear the table and make a scene.

Annie stood beside Rik, helping when asked, fascinated that the gallon of milk she bought from the grocery store started out in a barn just like this.

The woman flashed a camera-perfect smile, giving Rik a quick, appreciative once-over in the process.

Leaving the young clerk standing at the counter staring, Rik followed Decker to the small office in the upper story of the old store, tucked among mountains of boxes and stock.

Briefly, Rik flipped through the other copies: the dowdy old woman, the backstabbing buddy, and the cute blonde with the big smile.