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Answer for the clue "Change copy ", 6 letters:

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v. formulate in a particular style or language; "I wouldn't put it that way"; "She cast her request in very polite language" [syn: frame , cast , put , couch ] prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting; "Edit a a book ...

Usage examples of redact.

Tanu healers with a certain combination of PK and redact are able to work through this stuff in some metapsychic way.

You must redact this conversation, and store it till it might be needed.

But it was not a sign as bad as it might have been: the thought ports in his armor were evidently not allowing the noetic reader to redact or to manipulate his nervous system.

The rapid ability to replace, retrain, redact, or to replay an entire lifetime of experience through electromnemonics rendered individual minds fungible, modular, and replaceable.

He held it up to the redacted photocopy just to make sure it was a perfect fit.

Rhadamanthus Law-mind to affirm that the redacted memories had been taken from him with his own informed consent, not to escape some legal debt or obligation, nor for some other unworthy purpose.

However, he would face civil penalties in another suit if he should break his word and avail himself of the memories redacted under the Lakshmi agreement.

The message will be meaningless to you unless you immediately resume certain redacted memories.

The redacted memories are permitted to us when they are directly pertinent to the conduct of our interest and efforts, or for other reasons of public need.

She will be utterly unable to cope with a reality she has redacted from all memory.

She will have the legal right, once she is sane again, to open her redacted memories, and let herself go insane again.

Nothing Mentality saw this joylessness as potential threat, and required all our minds to be redacted and resculpted to render us docile and content.

He knew nothing about the Golden Oecumene, knew thing about how Phaethon thought, and did not seem realize that Phaethon could not be redacted by the noetic unit unless he was taken out of his armor.

The only other thing I can do is show you the plan under seal, and then have your memory of the plan redacted, allowing you only to keep the knowledge that there is a plan and that you agreed to it.

The name of the would-be rape victim had been redacted from court records, and even the most wagging of Montclair tongues refused to divulge her name.