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Word definitions for trillions in dictionaries

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a very large indefinite number (usually hyperbole) [syn: millions , billions , zillions , jillions ]

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. (context slang English) many, loads, a great deal n. (plural of trillion English)

Usage examples of trillions.

Because trillions of molecules are constantly colliding, a lot of heat gets exchanged.

There are trillions more tucked away in your gut and nasal passages, clinging to your hair and eyelashes, swimming over the surface of your eyes, drilling through the enamel of your teeth.

He cites the little copepod, which numbers in the trillions in modern seas and clusters in shoals large enough to turn vast areas of the ocean black, and yet our total knowledge of its ancestry is a single specimen found in the body of an ancient fossilized fish.

The only star among the trillions that we can study close up, and we practically ignore it.

And we spent trillions trying to alleviate that fear--by building even more weapons of mass destruction.

But a bow-heavy structure weighing trillions of tons, however cleverly disguised, poses some minor practical difficulties.

The tiny disassembler automata were plucked up by the trillions of trillions, until finally there were none left on the boot at all.

But here, tens of trillions of kilometers out of the solar system, there is no difference between us: there is no one to cooperate with.

Of the trillions of people that were known to exist, the one that Hakira was going to see lived in a two-hundred-year-old house perched on the southern coast of this island, where in ancient times artillery had been placed to command the harbor.

Korkal reflected that though the pack Hith Mun Alter led numbered in the trillions, the principle remained the same.