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Answer for the clue "Musical flourishes ", 6 letters:

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n. (plural of trill English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: trill )

Usage examples of trills.

That some Trills were able to take those life-forms into their bodies and become joined beings.

Our explanation would be a half-truth, that the symbiont was a primitive life-form, one with a complex arrangement of RDNAL strands that some Trills had inherited.

The theft of symbionts from their legitimate hosts is a crime so heinous that most Trills could never consider such a thing.

To be honest, Jadzia thought, most people looked on joined Trills as some kind of zombie held in thrall to a neural parasite.

She was another of his endless, infinite, eternal enemies, no different from the hundreds of other female Trills he had killed in this battle.

A pattern of peeps, creaks, chirps, and trills repeated over and over again.

The trills translated to a formula for condensing large numbers into small.

Whistles, trills, chants, and a lot of percussives that I could not identify.

She was right so oftenin the calmly stated fashion all Trills hadthat he had long ago ceased feeling any sparks resentment on such occasions.