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Usage examples of taku.

As she turned to walk away, Taku came shimmering out of invisibility in front of her.

Zenko came with us and fought like a man, and Taku proved invaluable: Even his mother gave him a word of praise.

I was aware that Kenji stood behind me, sword drawn, and hoped Taku was still invisible.

Kenji and I took Taku and some guards and walked down the familiar street.

We ate in the upper room, as we so often had before, and Kenji made Taku laugh by describing my poor efforts as a student and how impossible and disobedient I had been.

I could hear Kenji and Taku breathing alongside me, and Chiyo and Haruka in the room below.

Kotaro grabbed Taku, swung him above his head, and hurled him into the garden.

But she also saved others, and her team also scored again when Taku banked in a shot.

Two days ago destroyers stormed the Taku Forts which cover the port of Tientsin, and seized them.

The ship had started for home when it reached Taku Bar and word of rich cargoes in the Moluccas turned them back.

Sean measured him with expertise gained on the waterfronts of Shanghai, Singapore, Amurang, and Taku Bar.

I arrived - Anvik and Karluk, they were called - plus a half-grown puppy bitch named Taku, and Karluk, the foundation stud, who occupied the run of honor closest to the kitchen door.

An airfield was built near the mouth of the Pei Ho and Butler flew back and forth between Tientsin and Taku to keep watch.

China, on board the riverboat from Tientsin to Taku, the Stilwells joined a friend, Mrs.

Carlo took down the sail, set Taku in the bow to look for snags, and rowed cautiously to the edge of town.