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Answer for the clue "Kashmiri tribe ", 4 letters:

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Tari may refer to the following people Given name Tari Khan (born 1953), Pakistani tabla player and vocalist Tari Phillips (born 1969), American basketball player Tari Signor (born 1967), American actress Surname Aryan Tari (born 1999), Norwegian chess ...

Usage examples of tari.

Tari Obrigo, facing the powerful dal Nardo, now grown to full strength.

And none of the Tari would ever face difficult moral questions such as the execution of Georgi Serranus, because such questions answered themselves when they communed with life spirit in the Spirit Cave.

As Illynya leaned over Yani to gloat, Vladek Serranus had stabbed her in the neck, killing her instantly and at the very same moment the men standing over the iron-collared Tari mages with loaded crossbows fired.

He had heard how Vladek Serranus had been sent mad after he had killed some Tari in Northern Seagan.

Then they salvaged the New Century off Libya, the Southwind in the Black Sea, the Tari Maru within sight of the lights of China.

But here Tari went on to instance the new house of Toma and the house-warming feast which was just then in preparation as instances in point.