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Answer for the clue "Slopes at a mountain base ", 9 letters:

Alternative clues for the word foothills

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n. (plural of foothill English)

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. hilly land on the lower slopes of mountains

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Foothills are geographically defined as gradual increase in elevation at the base of a mountain range , higher hill range or an upland area. They are a transition zone between plains and low relief hills to the adjacent topographically higher mountains...

Usage examples of foothills.

This was so new and strange a thing for her who had built her life upon her own silence and aloneness that she pushed it from her foremind, telling herself that there might well be trouble in the foothills, and two fighters were better than one if that came.

I have thought to travel east through the foothills and then strike over land.

When we reach the foothills, you will have fulfilled your part of that bargain.

A seasoned fighting man, he had suffered a crippling wound in the chaos that had followed the turning of the mountains, and had then taken a wife and the land his lord commander had offered, only to change his mind and move into the foothills when that lord commander himself was treacherously slain and his forces badly routed.

There were no trails in the foothills, though once or twice they chanced upon indications that they did not travel through a deserted country.

Chunky made the discovery that the frogs liked to have their backs scratched with a stick, and the frogs of the foothills probably never spent such a happy day in all their lives as Chunky and his stick provided for them that afternoon.

Late that afternoon the travelers came upon a shack in the foothills, where an old rancher, a hermit, lived when not tending his little flock of sheep, most of which, Kris Kringle said, the old man had stolen from droves that came up over the trail going north.

Reaching the foothills, the two scouts once more fell into single file, Tad Butler to the rear.

It was a week later, when, tired and dusty, the outfit pulled up at La Luz, a quaint hamlet nestling in the foothills of the Sacramento Mountains.

This site in the foothills would be ideal for grain production and for grazing herd beasts.

Yelland hills eased off as Marghe and Thenike made their way down the foothills and onto the plain toward Holme Valley.

At this time of year, summer, the cattle would be on the northern ranges, in the foothills of the mountains, where it was cooler.

I was getting lonesome till I saw you come out of those foothills way back yonder.

A short distance into the crags and gullies of the foothills of the Mescal Mountains he found the first two bodies.

He pulled it out to its fullest length and trained it north, toward the last few foothills and mountains where Jack Shaw had come out on the prairie.