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Answer for the clue "Old circuit breakers ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word fuses

Usage examples of fuses.

In drying sulphides the heat must not be raised to the melting point of sulphur, since, if there is any free sulphur present, it fuses and filters through.

When the solution becomes concentrated and the temperature rises sufficiently, the sulphur fuses into one or more honey-coloured globules which, owing to the small surface they oppose to the acid, are very slowly oxidised.

When he was surprised by the respondings he blinded them with the flash and ran into the performance space, set up the fuses and the digital recorder to make them think he was still inside, changed into the janitor outfit and ran out the second door.

The shield crews were slower to grab his attacks, and the proximity fuses detonated within meters of the ship.

They were armed with standard proximity fuses and guided to their targets using the Force.

You collect the fuses, load, help lift in the shell, run out the mortar and train.

Were you planning to just drive past the construction, lighting fuses with your cigar and throwing bundles of dynamite out of your car window?

He was about to begin pulling fuses when another idea occurred to him.

We routinely taught middies to plot two Fuses, out and back, to reach a point closer than the minimum Fuse.

They pulled the string fuses on two stick grenades, and flung them into the cave mouth.

Carefully considering the number of sticks he needed for some sort of impact, Ethan set the fuses and inserted blasting caps into the side of each stick.

He examined the fuses again, knowing if he had timed them to go off properly it would help create a cavity of loose rock he could blow out into the tunnel.

They put the explosives and equipment in the antechamber for safety then Ethan went back to light the fuses, taking the torch with him.

But when Jackson arrived with the new fuses, every darkened building showed its trail of damage.

He checked each weapon to see that it was properly mated to the rack and the fuses were correctly set.