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Answer for the clue "Detonation devices ", 5 letters:

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n. (plural of fuze English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: fuze )

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Füzes is the Hungarian name for two villages in Romania : Fiziş, a village in Finiș Commune, Bihor County Stupini, a village in Hida Commune, Sălaj County

Usage examples of fuzes.

She sees him in the distance of a defunct garden with the diviner or, if he has found something, unravelling that knot of wires and fuzes someone has left him like a terrible letter.

The Englishman not only knew about the absurd Italian fuzes but also knew the detailed topography of this region of Tuscany.

He had immediately invented the pocket shirt, which allowed fuzes and gadgets to be stored easily by a working sapper.

The fuzes are probably more sophisticated now, but you never know, you might be in luck.

They was using armor-piercing shells with time-delay fuzes, so the one that hit us didn't go off till it was in the sea.

The fuzes for the plane's electrical system were located on a board behind the RIO's seat.

Some of the bomblets exploded on contact, while others had timer fuzes which would detonate them minutes or even hours later.

The first rounds were high-capacity shells detonated by zero-delay nose fuzes, so that the blasts blew chunks from the exterior walls instead of going off inside the six-story building.

We sent for eight hundred pounds of TNT, three hundred feet of cord, five hundred feet of wire, safety fuzes, friction tape, a long rope, electric and nonelectric caps, firing reel, an exploder, twelve bags of sand, cap crimpers, and fuze lighters.