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Answer for the clue "Goes kaput ", 5 letters:

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n. (plural of fail English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: fail )

Usage examples of fails.

You must put every effort into finding her first, but if that fails, her Deathwatch Guards will be less protection than they seem.

And if she fails to back up your tale, then your visit to me in the morning will be even more memorable for you.

Sitters of any Ajah that fails to send its fair share of sisters to work on the chain towers will take a daily penance from Silviana until the matter is rectified.

If it fails, we can move our assembly point out of England and institute rotating source offices.

They will not usually venture out into the rain, but once running rain fails to stop them.

I will have any German officer court-martialed who fails to defend himself.

Thus occupied, he fails to notice that the atmosphere in the room has undergone a chemical change every bit as remarkable as the transition from crushed flower-petals to oily perfume pomade.

Her attempt to hang his coat on the coat-stand fails instantly, as the sodden garment topples the dainty pole.

The three men laugh uproariously, though Sugar fails to see anything witty.

This manful confession fails to impress Agnes, who has pushed her plates out of her way, and now leans on the tablecloth, the better to continue her heart-to-heart with Henry.

Staring over the railing of tragedy into that misty valley of the recent past where Henry can still be spied, Emmeline fails to notice Agnes nodding childishly, electrified by this apparent admission of supernatural powers.

Sunrise and sunset follow each other at the scheduled intervals, and the house in Chepstow Villas fails to echo with screams or altercations.

Mr Rackham is in a constant foul temper and makes threats and accusations of incompetence to any girl who fails to anticipate his whims.

They keep their eyes on the newspaper, or their own gloved hands folded in their laps or, when all else fails, the advertisements posted above the heads of the passengers opposite.

Experience has taught me that truth is a talisman, the charm of which never fails in its effect, provided it is not wasted upon unworthy people, and I believe that a guilty man, who candidly speaks the truth to his judge, has a better chance of being acquitted, than the innocent man who hesitates and evades true statements.