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Féng is a Chinese surname . It was 9th in the Song Dynasty Baijiaxing and is reported as the 31st most common Chinese last name in 2006. Unlike the less common Feng name "phoenix" (fourth tone) it is a rising second tone féng in modern Mandarin. The character...

Usage examples of feng.

One of these was acertain Wong Feng, a completely gross, completely evil and amoral Eurasian.

The RTAF Hueys and the Marine helos on loan to the Thai airmobile forces lifted from the jungle clearing at almost the same moment that the American Hornets were hitting SAM sites at U Feng and along the Taeng River Valley.

He was thinking of the vehicle-mounted SAMs Batman had reported seeing at U Feng.

Others, like Tombstone and Batman, set down at U Feng, dropping onto a runway partly masked by drifting smoke.

Dixie reported that the Thai formation was still pursuing the fleeing bogies and was now approaching U Feng.

He nodded at the emblems that had told him that she indeed followed feng shui diligently: an ostentatious bracelet of nine Chinese coins, a pin in the likeness of the homely goddess Guan Yin and a scarf with black fish on it.

Feng Shou Hao City was in flames, while there were riots in at least eight of the other cities, the great northern city of Hong Hai among them.

According to Hsiao, two helicopters were already on their way south from U Feng, would be over Sattahip Bay within two hours.

Burmese incidents, the communist insurrection, the attack at U Feng, all of those were engineered by General Hsiao to create the proper conditions for a military coup.

And from the control tower of U Feng, less than a mile to the north, Hsiao heard the gunfire and knew the base was under attack.

Up in the hills a lot of bandits, which called themselves revolutionary armies, was raising hell, and all I couldst hear was talk about General Yun Chei, and General Whang Shan, and General Feng, which they said was really a white man.

Folks said Yun and Feng had joined up against Whang, and some tall battling was expected, and the foreigners was all piling down out of the interior.

She accredited this meet to resituating a plant in her apartment and throwing out a photograph of her most recent ex, thus creating better feng shui.

Feng returned from Philadelphia, Tom felt that the space model of his invention was well enough along to be turned over to Arv Hanson and the engineering crew.

He needed Sword to guide upcoming events within the government, especially once word of U Feng reached Bangkok sometime later this night.