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Boba Fett had slipped unnoticed from the gallery and out of the court, even before Jabba had started pulling on the chain and dragging the girl over the trapdoor.

Boba Fett had not reached the top of the bounty-hunter trade without building up a network of business interests and contacts, some of them-if not most-completely unaware of each other.

There was no sign of Boba Fett until much farther on in the recording.

The figure in the cage cowered back from the bars as Boba Fett approached.

Boba Fett had sometimes wondered if they grew so huge by greedily ingesting everything that came into reach of their little hands and huge mouths, and letting nothing go.

Boba Fett nodded his helmet toward the tray and its congealed contents.

Boba Fett loathed the idiot appendages, with their flexing vacuumresistant scales like rust-pitted armor plate.

The same voice, like sheet metal being torn in half, sounded from in front of Boba Fett as he ducked beneath a ridge of hardened silk.

That was one of the reasons that Boba Fett despised them: he had never taken a credit less than the agreed-upon sum, and had no intention of starting.

That notion would have infuriated Fett, if any such word of passion could have been applied to the coldly unfeeling logic that dictated his actions.

The assembler is dead, thought Boba Fett with distaste, long live the assembler.

Boba Fett had never cheated any of his clients, though he had been forced to kill quite a few.

Of all of the subassemblies, this was the one that Boba Fett had always found most to his liking-and not just because it was the one that actually handed over the bounties that its parent would be holding in escrow.

Balancesheet said nothing, but a brief flicker in its gaze acknowledged that it and Boba Fett were kindred entities, in spirit if not species.

Boba Fett raised his wrist-mounted comm unit to the front of his helmet.