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Answer for the clue "Moroccan toppers: Var ", 5 letters:

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n. (plural of fez English)

Usage examples of fezes.

There were members of Zouave regiments, wearing baggy breeches of various hues, gaiters, crimson fezes, and profusely braided jackets.

Now there were white-robed waiters with red sashes and little red pillbox fezes upon their heads.

It was made up of distinct elements, the green-clad regular army formations with their wide-brimmed tropical helmets, the black shirt r Fascist militia with their high boots and cross-straps, their deaths head and thunderbolt badges and their glittering daggers, the regular colonial units of black Somalis and Eritreans in their tall tasselled red fezes and baggy shirts, their gaily coloured regimental sashes and put teed legs above bare feet.

The ladies from the central African republics were in national dress, a marvellous cacophony of colour like a hatching of forest butterflies, and their men carried elaborately carved walking-sticks or fly-whisks made from animal tails, and the Muslims amongst them wore embroidered pill-box fezes with the tassels denoting that they were hadji who had made the pilgrimage to Mecca.