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Answer for the clue "Grunge outfit ", 8 letters:

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Flannels , also known as The Flannels Group , is a chain of high end designer stores in the United Kingdom specialising in luxury fashion clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women. It was founded by Neil Prosser in 1976, who remains the managing ...

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n. 1 (plural of flannel English) 2 clothing made of flannel; especially trousers

Usage examples of flannels.

As soon as respiration is established, warmth may be promoted by the application of warm flannels to the body and bottles of hot water to the stomach, armpits, thighs, and feet.

Clothes were my own chief care, for, freely as I had purged it at Flensburg, my wardrobe was still very unsuitable, and I had already irretrievably damaged two faultless pairs of white flannels.

Davies on the quay, bareheaded and wearing his old Norfolk jacket and stained grey flannels, as at our first meeting in Flensburg station.