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Answer for the clue "Friendly email sign-off ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word best

Usage examples of best.

And because of the aberration of the Dutch and Belgians for neutrality there had been no staff consultations by which the defenders could pool their plans and resources to the best advantage.

The plan to evacuate the Tenuans to the Abesse was no longer the best of options.

Why, Abigail could best nearly any boy in the county at what were deemed masculine pursuits: hunting, riding and climbing trees.

Despite the gentle ribbing from James he was here because his men were aboard that ship and they had the right to expect his best efforts to aid them.

The post was tapered to an acanthus pattern and was the best thing in the house, just about, along with the plank floor in the kitchen.

Kentucky might have been to accede to the proposition of General Polk, and which from his knowledge of the views of his own Government he was fully justified in offering, the State of Kentucky had no power, moral or physical, to prevent the United States Government from using her soil as best might suit its purposes in the war it was waging for the subjugation of the seceded States.

I did not dare to light my lamp before this creature, and as night drew on he decided on accepting some bread and Cyprus wine, and he was afterwards obliged to do as best he could with my mattress, which was now the common bed of all new-comers.

Wool dyes best in a slightly acid bath, and this may be taken advantage of in dyeing the yellows and blues of this group by adding a small quantity of acetic acid.

Brutus, you said to me the day after Achates was born that we should make the best of the marriage we were doomed to.

The other dominant idea of the early years was the notion of monasticism, the idea that full spirituality is best achieved by renouncing the world and all its temptations.

Most new students find that silent prayer is the best method for achieving this state.

And that name was an ambivalent one at best: Aconin was counted one of the best male playwrights in the city, but he was also known as Aconite for his merciless pen.

Malipiero was a senator, who was unwilling at seventy years of age to attend any more to State affairs, and enjoyed a happy, sumptuous life in his mansion, surrounded every evening by a well-chosen party of ladies who had all known how to make the best of their younger days, and of gentlemen who were always acquainted with the news of the town.

The proposed acquiescence of the National Executive in any reasonable temporary State arrangement for the freed people is made with the view of possibly modifying the confusion and destitution which must at best attend all classes by a total revolution of labor throughout whole States.

But it is best prepared by adding strong sulphuric acid to ferric hydrate in equivalent proportions.