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Michael Coffie Boampong is the member of parliament for the constituency. He was elected on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) won a majority of 14,605 votes to become the MP . He also was the incumbent MP before the 2008 elections.

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n. (context Greek god English) The goddess and personification of force.

Usage examples of bia.

When the coup failed, the press blamed John Ellis and right-wing bias in the media.

But instead of exposing media bias, the facts had to be shoehorned into a different theory.

But she knew that the brass was especially skittish of words like harassment and gender bias, was still smarting from the sexual harassment charges several female employees had made against the outgoing superintendent months before.

I longed above all to see him, to talk with him over old times and our future plans, and to learn whether no new bias could be given to a temperament which seemed to lean so strongly towards a self-punishing superstition.

Montreuil early perceived my bias of temper: he might have corrected it and with ease.

His answer, in accordance, partook essentially of the bias of his mind.

This will serve to show the political sentiments of the Plinys, and may also indicate the bias that the Smashes were likely to imbibe in such company.

These colonies have always had a strong bias in that direction, and they want the elements necessary to a monarchy.

But a claim that the New York Times has a conservative bias can be explained only by the sheer joy liberals take in telling lies.

Kurtz, ombudsman apologist for liberal media bias, ran a full expose in the Washington Post on the Bush cousin fracas.

He got into the white patrol car with the gold BIA insignia emblazoned on the side and settled the duct tape and plastic bottle of antifreeze on the floor next to his boots.

People who have run away from San Carlos have told us about the fine place our BIA chose for our Chiricahua cousins near Fort Apache.

I suppose you hadn't read about the BIA fixing to move the Jicarilla down to Tularosa Canyon, eh?

More than one BIA man doubts the Jicarilla can make do at the Tularosa Agency.

If the BIA allows 'em to return after even one year at Tularosa, they're going to think us white eyes are mighty odd.